Buy Custom Essays Online After Testing the Service

You have found a service provider with excellent reviews, high-quality samples and great pricing and you are ready to buy custom essays online. But you are not completely sure. Will I get the quality which I expect on time? What kind of grade can I hope for? Is everything really going to be as described? To find the answers to these and other important questions, you can test the service directly. Find out how to do it and how to make an effective assessment.

The Test

You can readily order a short essay which is four or five pages long. You should select a topic which is in the same academic subject area as the first genuine work that you plan to order. It should not be too straightforward and simple. It should require some research. You need to ensure that at least three or four different sources will be used for writing the essay.
You should remember to specify the citation style which is required by your teacher. This is another component that you need to pay close attention to during the evaluation process. You should set a fairly short deadline to the writer. This will help you to find out how well the professional will work under pressure.

The Evaluation

You need to begin the evaluation process from the moment when you place the order. The first thing to check is whether the ordering process is thorough, easy and swift. The service provider must make all terms and conditions clear to you before you get to buy custom essays online. This is applicable to the pricing as well. Make sure that there are no hidden charges. If the title page and bibliography have to be paid for separately, this must be acknowledged. You have to ensure that you will receive an essay which is ready for submission.
The next thing to pay close attention to is how punctual the service provider is. You have to get the ready essay before the set deadline. If there is a delay, it should not be long and the writer must present a valid reason for this. Once you receive the work, you need to confirm that it can be submitted straight away. It must have all required sections, references and numbered pages.
You should read the essay carefully from start to finish. It must have catchy introduction which includes or is followed by the thesis statement. This statement must present the main idea in a few sentences. The following paragraphs have to present the arguments in support of the thesis. Each argument has to be supported with solid evidence derived from the sources. The conclusion must say whether it is confirmed or not.
The writing must be flawless in terms of grammar, language and punctuation. This applies to the formatting and references as well. The essay should be interesting to read and present valuable information.
Last, but not least, you should run the piece through a plagiarism checker to confirm that it is genuine. You should do this every time when you buy custom essays online to ensure that all will be fine.